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The Guilin Park Hotel (Guilin Guihu Fandian) is located near Laoren Hill,  by the banks of scenic Gui Lake,  with easy access to Solitary Beauty Peak and Diecai Hill.The main villa blends Chinese traditional architecture with a contemporary style. Guests can choose from variously sized rooms which range from standard rooms to deluxe suites. There are also rooms available for special-needs guests.

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  • tonysmart
    Nice, rainy weather travel, heating, and dry weather. service attitude is good! price of 290 Yuan, services of a five star hotel, it's wicked! next time to stay!
  • sam_xf
    Good location, facilities were a little old, overall okay.
  • bilisa
    Good location and overall feel is OK, decoration is a bit old
  • aduola
    Guilin Park Hotel is located in the Guilin scenic area itself is a landscape can be walked by the Lake in the evening hotel very clean and breakfast very rich delicious across the road and a ayuan Roast goose restaurants were very delicious and affordable
  • uppingwill
    Happy, if next time I go to Guilin in Guilin, Nice. service, access is easy.
  • cwy1982
    Line 8880888000000000000000
  • luolingcn
    Surrounding area very well, located in Guilin, night scene is very beautiful and reception staff were very polite, very warm and very professional, the issues raised are answered, room overall is fine, comfortable and clean, the only downside is air conditioning not too do not know whether the issue is the ageing of the facility
  • tt0426
    2006 once, feeling very good this year may go bad because of outdated facilities and the surrounding environment, and not feeling very well.
  • awei0522
    Buying such a convenient place for breakfast, breakfast at the hotel is really too expensive
  • fedone
    This value-for-money.
  • littledenny
    Clean, comfortable, quiet
  • octpus
    Very well, good health, good service, recommended hotels
  • adia7788250
    Which is very nice!
  • jolin_314
    A very good environment, a service specification. Unfortunately, this price does not include breakfast, 42 eating alone is a bit unworthy. upgrade deluxe room breakfast than.
  • iscarf
    That's good
  • carol_linying
    Good location, nice
  • e00288692
    Second night to stay here, add in addition to the advantages mentioned yesterday, Wi-Fi is very stable, and soon, 100 great
  • xbxfred
    Cost-effective ultra-high! hotel, service and location were very good, stay very comfortable! too much better price/performance than Wuhan Hotel Guilin! great!
  • peterpanpgy
    And we think it's great
  • bocai_jb
    Very close to them. every time you go to Guilin preferred.
  • lioncow06
    To set the price of the hotel very good. the surrounding scenery is good, WiFi signal is not good, also help tune a bit.
  • feiyp
    Not fitting for many years, is too old. waste such a good environment around
  • jinyulan518
    Nice, recommend you stay!
  • e02456398
    Good surroundings, quiet room, parking is tolerable is facilities also charge.
  • paper0124
    Finally enjoy a meeting room upgrade service, nice hotel.
  • ericlai2001
    Satisfaction, a beautiful environment
  • funnyyue
    From 06 to Guilin lived here for nearly a decade at a time gave me the feeling is always good
  • E02186760
    Environment adjacent to the Guilin Park around the hotel quiet and beautiful the room good facilities restaurant affordable 136 package good hotels with a swimming pool
  • AD3688
    Very average hotel price might as well stay Inn
  • Sweet0Dolls
    Very nice, clean and tidy,
  • bj525
    Veteran four star hotel, that also really of is is good, is left Guilin day live into of, around dining are is convenient, bus and traffic are is convenient has. a home six people, live has two home, is good. breakfast also is good, type more, taste good. morning away from shop to Guilin North Station, to out hotel go a to playing to taxi. around of environment is good, is quiet.
  • Sun Wei
    Fortunately, the old
  • DannyTung
    Hotel surroundings are nice, in Guilin on the edge, the traffic is convenient, friends like. wind is too small is the hair dryer, blow hair inconvenient, want improvements. will choose this hotel next time!
  • dreamland918
    Which is very nice!
  • sunnywing2003
    Very nice hotel, but not toilet water. send two strips to housekeeping, waited all night not come. in General.
  • lcmbt
    Hotel and its surroundings are also good, and hotel parking at the door was very uncomfortable, not suitable for self-driving tour!
  • cocolbj
    Environment is very good, there are swimming pool, River, the scenery is very good, the hotel environment is also very good, too happy, next election here!
  • span01
    Environment and transportation is also convenient.
  • blue0949
    It looks luxrious but acutually almost normal inside. I stayed just one night to join my friends who came as a big group. There are more than enough confortable hotels in centrum at less price.
  • m00693445
    It's OK
  • Advicer
    Environment around the hotel, Wifi signal not, insisted that the service desk is a phone issue.
  • E04864202
    Is awesome, worthy of Government designated reception, an opportunity will stay.
  • fay0726
    In liangjiang four Lake of Guilin next, away from railway station taxi 10 minutes, best about drops drops taxi, cheap, is said to have railway station out ride taxi are is by head billing not playing table, drops drops taxi is good about, call, hotel good, with swimming pool, around environment or, to liberation bridge terminal and Wenchang Terminal best also is about drops drops taxi 10 block early, hotel walk 5 minutes on has Zhongshan Road of Chun remember burn goose
  • erdangjia7906
    Room average, low quality, does not meet the four star standard, put all of my clothes off the floor, and no reasonable explanation; the other is House prices very high, followed by low prices, and no refund or cash a behavior or interpretation of, feeling at a disadvantage. 630 Yuan, Deluxe big bed room did not feel luxurious, just an ordinary room facing East.
  • mira_l
    Very good experience, standard atmosphere at the front desk, make people very comfortable environment is very good, Guilin Park Hotel new renovated, no old hotels that feel broken. Although only for a few hours, overall comfortable. recommended occupancy.
  • tonytao911
    Next to the Lake, a beautiful environment, probably about 15 minutes walk to the pedestrian street, bridge also has bus stops, traffic is very convenient, near good ... room was very clean, very good.
  • jingtianwen
  • DaPanDa
    Old hotel, bathroom very clean and delicate, preferred hotels in Guilin.
  • appleXingB
    Beautiful environment, clean and worth living.
  • alongman
    All right