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The Guilin Park Hotel (Guilin Guihu Fandian) is located near Laoren Hill,  by the banks of scenic Gui Lake,  with easy access to Solitary Beauty Peak and Diecai Hill.The main villa blends Chinese traditional architecture with a contemporary style. Guests can choose from variously sized rooms which range from standard rooms to deluxe suites. There are also rooms available for special-needs guests.

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  • Jingxi
    Nice, health or clean, also very near from the city center
  • tom.gm.li
    Hotels in Guilin, the surrounding environment and quiet, although not in the downtown area, but there are taxis waiting out the door and out convenient. in-house service facilities are relatively old, but clean.
  • sam136111
    A very good environment
  • m01426514
    Guilin park environment is really good, child like, unfortunately network is really too bad, first night in room 214 is no signal at all, second, third floor, slightly more powerful
  • fxg411
    Go to hotel wedding banquet, more lively, more foreigners, sound bad, but the surrounding area nice
  • Paxion
    This journey most recommended of a hotel. home away from home is this hotel with to I maximum of feel. good have let I sorry of service attitude, low-key steady of decoration style, spotless of health conditions, situated of geographical, make in the take static of convenience location, also has free upgrade of luxury room, this opened Yu 1990 of veteran four star hotel to has I great of surprise! near of Chun remember burn goose taste good, price right, management strictly, note details, worthA try!
  • Alvs12
    Just beside the Guilin, super good location
  • lxd2631331
    Well, likes good, next time you will go to
  • actionplm
    The external environment of the hotel is good, but looks older, service very good, old four star worthy.
  • jarywang177
    A clean environment is good
  • octpus
    Very well, good health, good service, recommended hotels
  • E05450677
    Hotel was good, health conditions can
  • jasonyi
    A quiet environment conveniently, hotel and health very well. children love swimming pool on the second floor. front desk check-in quickly, to Guilin, many times this is the most comfortable, next to hotel Guilin.
  • mycnjy
    At the Lake, the surrounding environment is particularly good, the evening stroll by the Lake, is very cozy!
  • Xiaoqiang ¥ @
    More than a little outdated, and in an inconvenient location. But fairly clean and the rooms are fine.
  • cst0405
    Old hotel, bed was too short, and publicity photos is completely different
  • lilian0427
    In one of the two rivers and four lakes Lake, Guilin scenic area, out of view, walking very comfortable evening at the Lake, rich in early evening, floor staff, affordable, cost-effective,
  • averg
    The surrounding environment is particularly good. especially suitable for old children a place to live. just facilities old, network signal is very poor.
  • ericlai2001
    Satisfaction, a beautiful environment
  • E02186760
    Environment adjacent to the Guilin Park around the hotel quiet and beautiful the room good facilities restaurant affordable 136 package good hotels with a swimming pool
  • longsan
    Very quiet hotel, location, service, on every kind of tall, deserves to be here before, like quiet friend can't go wrong here, like cosmopolitan, shopping street, taste local delicacies or something, I'd choose Palace, the Central Plaza Hotel.
  • Steven_j
    Well, the price is very suitable, and returned to the hotel for a free upgrade of the room.
  • Travelin
    Very quiet location, dinner around is easy. Bathroom a little odor.
  • lcmbt
    Hotel and its surroundings are also good, and hotel parking at the door was very uncomfortable, not suitable for self-driving tour!
  • MR is almost
    Very satisfied with, it is worth staying,
  • cicco
    The Guilin tours, a hotel a day, this is my most satisfying! great location within the hotel with a swimming pool, summer was really cool! out when Chun Kee Roast goose, best hotel in Guilin! to Guilin, this later!
  • dy890
    Hotel location, surroundings are good, is to pick up free reality is the airport bus to the city's own taxi, toss enough, his own car 91, for something more is very convenient drop. but hotels said they had to free upgraded room types
  • laoyoutiao1977
    Beautiful, affordable, high quality, as well. and praise one!
  • Didigiya
    More hygienic
  • OrientalExpress
    Hotel, service, health is top notch. particularly, whether it is at the front desk are very good, and very detailed. very well. so one night more.
  • emma_mj
    Elegant, pleasing the birds wake you up in the morning, outside the beauty of Guilin. Forrest Gump restaurant, Chun Kee Roast goose, single front, mountain butterflies are not far
  • adabingluo
    Okay, live away from Chun Kee Roast goose is quite close, it's really delicious-and earlier can, but no food, Ministry of hotels and tourism fares quite more expensive than online, and can be heard in the morning quite noisy outside
  • jole08
    Very satisfied
  • miaomiao437
    Surrounding area very well, in a quiet, nice
  • tatumcc
    All right
  • lemon1520
    Convenient service around good eating easy
  • scarlett1
    High performance-price ratio
  • lilywu16
    Feel good, easy to eat around, good!
  • diudiu0324
    Environment around the hotel also has a swimming pool
  • Bryant
    Environment is very good, very comfortable, very quiet.
  • aladdinivy
    External economic conditions are good, take a walk after dinner by the Lake very comfortable. downtown convenience, easy to eat, near ayuan Roast goose and cheap good. especially holiday with the elderly is a good choice. drawback is the standard room facilities was too old.
  • ceeceejuly6
  • JessieYang628
    Elegant, affordable, it's good.
  • e02139963
    Great front desk staff service, met always say hello. room amenities, great breakfast! transport facilities, surrounding environment, easy to eat in the vicinity.
  • bennyng7
    Hotel next environment good, in Lake side, veteran hotel, rooms not is new, but see have out toilet things are refurbished had, clean clean, live of people many, 12:30 to room are also no clean out, fast two points past also is no do out, rooms waiter attitude is good, immediately help we pack, forget has called what name has, really of to good praised such of employees Hey, shower water is big, special comfortable, to Yangshuo two days was also wants to back live, unfortunately didn'tThe room, the next time you will choose
  • pamelayaya
    Overall is good
  • BG4ETC
    Have to say, this is a lovely hotel also has a swimming pool, and diet are particularly good, 8:30, online, soon confirmed, Yes, next time!
  • max201002
    Coming our way around this hotel is cost-effective, clean and tidy. sliding door on the other side of the room through the open air pool ... kids love it. added a late
  • lowstar
    Location not said. services care and service needs improvement, require regular inspection of equipment and facilities.
  • flysnower
    Bathroom has a peculiar taste, others OK