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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel


jixuenanscore:5.0 / 52020-08-15

A very good environment, we upgraded to a deluxe room, not ten months the children in her house, went out with the stew pot of porridge, results forget rice, thank you, am Limo, to help us to the kitchen and found a small bag of rice, thank you.
adabingluoscore:4.3 / 52020-08-14

Okay, live away from Chun Kee Roast goose is quite close, it's really delicious-and earlier can, but no food, Ministry of hotels and tourism fares quite more expensive than online, and can be heard in the morning quite noisy outside
e00702865score:4.5 / 52020-08-14

The environment, little expensive.
e02322684score:5.0 / 52020-08-14

Guilin Park Hotel mountain near the Lake, beautiful, beautiful scenery! great service, warm warm facilities, convenience, food relief, convenient. are on a business trip, leisure travel optimization!
david650813score:5.0 / 52020-08-13

Good location, Guilin Park on the edge of quiet environment, beautiful scenery, the hotel facilities and services, reasonable prices, four star hotel, surrounded by Chun Kee Roast goose, go to
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