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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
гостиница гуйлинь - хуэйху (Guilin Park Hotel), гостиница расположена на набережной спиральной дороги, гостиница расположена на оживленном участке, удобное сообщение, рядом центр города - слоновая гора, две реки, четыре озера бизнес - района, отель расположен на берегу реки гуйлинь Линь, рядом с парк цисин, парк хуэйчжоу, от центра города, высокотехнологичной промышленности парка, от центра Международной выставки около 16 минут.7 минут, будь то коммерческая поездка или отдых, это ваш выбор.вестибюль отеля принимает европейский стиль дизайна, он показывает благородный, изящный темперамент.Здесь все покрыты wifi, шумный, спокойный, окружающая среда элегантный, оснащен большой гараж, прием иностранных гостей.удобное расположение для отдыха, бассейн, бар ит.д. позволит вам освободить и отдохнуть от напряженной, напряженной, высокоскоростной ежедневной работы, а также найти новую жизнь в здоровой и стильной жизни, в гостинице есть место отдыха китайской и европейской кухни, в том числе ресторан, Западный ресторан, кафе, уникальная кухня и культураномер чистый, уютный, чистый, удобный, удобный, удобное расположение, удобное расположение, удобное расположение, удобное расположение, удобное расположение, удобное обслуживание.чтобы вам было удобное расположение, наслаждайтесь каждым отрезком пути.
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  • dellair
    Not online, renovated old! but good surrounding environment!
  • sam136111
    A very good environment
  • bluelotusluo
    Nice next to the Guilin Park but was moved to enjoy the free pick-up service General feels good so back from Yangshuo immediately booked two days
  • ccwljl
    Environment is also, the hotel is an old hotel, old facilities, close to Guilin, quiet, but not far from the city center, convenient
  • tomyxp
    Nice breakfast
  • Miniicat
    Surrounding environment is very good, but poor hotel facilities and services, a waste of such a good location.
  • angelinaliu
    8 years ago with his wife swam two rivers and four lakes of Guilin feel good. today, with her mother to visit Wuhan, Changsha, Guilin Guilin is the best ... though I don't go out much, Guilin, 18 3. Guilin Park well. thank you.
  • duoduo0039
    Very nice hotel, surrounding scenery, very close to the pedestrian street
  • Empty~
    A good environment, surrounded by mountains and rivers, air level rods
  • appile
    Hotel is located in Guilin along the beautiful scenery, the traffic is convenient
  • easyto
    Guilin Park Hotel Nice, nice, near ayuan Roast goose is very good!
  • Springer
    A very good environment, high cost performance.
  • dnaflow
    Nice, service is good, the next time you come to Guilin continued to live here, much better than what hotel in Yangshuo!
  • yayaalice
    Hardware and software are good, good environment
  • jameswang311
    Good, easy-walking were soon able to find Chun Kee Roast goose, two rivers and four lakes from in front of the Lake at night
  • dreampoint
    Summer vacation with his son went to Guilin, I was lucky to have chosen Guilin Park Hotel, four star hotel in old, nice, and clean out you can go to the swimming pool, son want to play in the pool room.
  • callowbaby
    Old four, good location, quiet, affordable price.
  • davy_wei
    Very good, worth recommending, comfort and quiet.
  • lilywu16
    Feel good, easy to eat around, good!
  • aijiulai
    Hotel service is very good, and beautiful surroundings, comfortable, just beside the Guilin Park, is feel best hotel of our trip.
  • aidenwang
    Hotels like age, so in Nanning this, but providing just passable services, equipment is indeed old, poor breakfast, half price for children is not, mainly toll collectors at the door looked so ugly, Oh
  • best_ss
    Room service was excellent value, environment and location also very nice, and is a single earlier this ... do not know if the previous guest in bed eating. we found the bed with ants.
  • rodine555
    Well, is the older big bed room bath-tub doesn't work
  • yanxu
    Overall feeling
  • coco_wu
    The environment is good
  • ciecie
    , OK
  • anlin896
    Hotel is located in the old mountain, around beautiful scenery, lakes and mountains, the hotel warm and thoughtful service, rooms are bright and spacious, very quiet at night, too, breakfast, hotel suitable for the elderly doing morning exercises, or in the evening to view the city of Guilin beautiful scenery, watch the sunset, just need to pay attention to security.
  • scarlett1
    High performance-price ratio
  • busideniu
    Room was good, the price is right
  • scott_li
    In Guilin on the edge, especially at night was very quiet ... tips, don't listen to the taxi driver in Guilin, take you to a variety of kickbacks, including hotels and rip-off
  • jiadajun
    Hotel is on the Lake, a very good environment, but the hotel is old, health and clean facilities just old, easily has a lot of local restaurants to choose from, overall very good, highly recommended.
  • e00174642
  • james110
    Nice, service was good, next to the Lake at night well, complete facilities
  • espero
    Friend's traffic is very nice
  • danny21815
    1 price, comfortable, highly recommended
  • benbenwang
    On the side of the Guilin Park, lovely ~ is a community on the other side of the Lake, travel diet are convenient, and naozhongqujing ~ antique rooms, tastefully, in General, is pretty good.
  • bteng
    A very good environment
  • dbin0808
    Environment, good service, convenient traffic.
  • e3838
    Very good hotel, convenient, clean, breakfast was very good, also lived here.
  • ervei
  • e00574858
    Swimming pool is great, play back a day swimming is very relaxing and comfortable! close to the mountains near water, there are no mosquitoes, health room service very good, super convenient location, view big, facilities OK! the price, value for money-good!
  • e02139963
    Great front desk staff service, met always say hello. room amenities, great breakfast! transport facilities, surrounding environment, easy to eat in the vicinity.
  • bjwds
    Hotel location naozhongqujing, room decoration, dining features, travel living
  • cason
    Overall pretty good, but really bad sound insulation, very noisy
  • fxg411
    Go to hotel wedding banquet, more lively, more foreigners, sound bad, but the surrounding area nice
  • singirlar
    Hotel environment no said, on in Guilin don't Shang, hotel out on to Guilin along Lake scenery with; hotel also has swimming pool, for 11 weather bad, swimming pool just decorative's. Hotel away from Chun remember burn goose is near, no not to 5 minutes on can to, Chun remember burn goose taste good, price also is. 11 set room two days, 3rd, 600 Yuan, 4th, 670, also not containing breakfast, as to dining have another received 401 people, small your's, than walk 32 minutes out eat as long as 4 Yuan of Guilin rice.10 parking charge for the hotel parking lot is really unreasonable!
  • abcru
    Hotel very clean, location is very good. are foreign tourists staying in the evening next door had a fight one night. effects of sleep.
  • fcbxgf
    Good location, a bit old but facilities.
  • xingwennan
    Value at this price worthy hotel surroundings very well trusted XI itinerary stayed only for one night
  • poloma
    Hotels in hardware, not software, but the surrounding environment is great!